Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! Hope you had a great time celebrating the New Year!  

I am a great believer that the best is yet to come! And that each year can be better than the previous year. So each year, leading into 31st of December, I take some time to reflect about the year that was and the year ahead. The time enables me to recount and be thankful for the experiences of the year that was but to also ask myself how I can position myself for an even better year ahead.



1. Re-evaluate 2016
Spend time to re-evaluate the year that was. Ask yourself key questions in the different areas of your life – family, church, work, finance, friendships & health. 

Questions like:

  • What worked well and why? 
  • What brought me the most joy and why?
  • What was my proudest moment?
  • What would I redo if I had the chance? 
  • What had the biggest impact on me & why? 

You don’t have to use these exact questions but similar questions will help you grow and have a great 2017

2. Choose Personal Growth
Leadership guru John Maxwell teaches that personal growth produces results beyond our wildest imaginations. Personal growth increases your capacity, your capacity increases your productivity and your productivity increases your results. So take the time to determine what areas you want grow in this year.

Yes, choosing to grow will require a change on your part, it will you cost both time and money but it is alway worth it in the long run. To have a great 2017 that produces different results from 2016, personal growth is a key.

3. Set Goals
We have all set new year resolutions at some point or another and discovered that they have not worked. The key to goal setting is to make sure you have goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Time based. 

For example a few years ago my goal for the year, was go the whole year without playing my xbox. The goal was specific, it was measurable, it was attainable, it was (semi) realistic and it was time based. But what really helped me achieve my goal was my plan to hide the remote controls to my xbox. Needless to say I was able to achieve my goal because I couldn’t locate the remotes. 

To have a great 2017 set some goals but also have a plan in place to achieve those goals.

4. Make Room for God
The psalmist teaches us that those that make room for God will flourish in everything (Ps 92:13-14)! Making room for God means creating time for your devotional life, attending your local church regularly, being part of a connect group (small group) and consistently reading the Bible. 

Making the most of any season is determined by how well we position ourselves in that season. As you position yourself, I pray that 2017 will be the best year of your life to date! 

Happy New Year! 


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